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Trucker Protests Getting Out of Control In Canada  

By Zafir Kamdar, Staff Reporter, The PawPrint

The city was “totally out of control,” according to Jim Watson, with protestors outnumbering police.

The protests, he added, constituted a threat to people’s safety and security.

Truckers have rendered Ottawa’s downtown area impassable, with cars and tents obstructing highways.

The “Freedom Convoy” originated as a protest against the government’s mandate that truckers be Covid-vaccinated.

Mr. Watson told CFRA radio in Canada that the demonstrators were becoming increasingly “insensitive” by “blaring horns and sirens, [setting off] pyrotechnics, and turning it into a party.”

“We are clearly outnumbered and losing this struggle,” he stated, adding, “This must be reversed – we must reclaim our city.”

The mayor did not specify which measures would be taken. The police have also stated they will be stepping up the enforcement.

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