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NBA Bucks vs Clippers game

By Tina Fares, Feature Editor, The Pawprint

On February 6, 2022, the Los Angeles Clippers played against the Milwaukee Bucks, NBA champions. The Bucks won 137-113. 

The first quarter was even, however, the Clippers still had an advantage because of all the three-pointers that were scored. This helped them gain a 32-28 lead right through the second quarter. At halftime, the score was at 60-51 with the Bucks in the lead this time. 

Brew Hoop explained that “Milwaukee’s night shooting the ball turned out a lot better than anticipated, thanks to that third quarter. But they built the lead by making hay at the foul line, and ended the night with 27 attempts, eleven more than Los Angeles. The constant pressure on the rim kept the pressure off Milwaukee’s shooters, and after halftime, the lid over the rim was busted through and the Bucks’ offense really took off. It just goes to show you that winning ugly takes work, and Milwaukee reaped the benefits of that hard work in this one.”

Fans are excited and waiting for the next Bucks vs Clippers game that is said to take place on April 2, 2022.

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