DAA Daily

Apple Watch Calls 911, Saves Man’s Life Who Fell Off His Bike

By Angelina Mokbel

After a life-threatening injury, a California man credits his Apple Watch with saving his life. According to a source, Hermosa Beach police in Los Angeles County, California, was contacted about a late-night crash after an Apple Watch alerted emergency services.

Officers from the local police department were reacting to a 911 call made using a feature on an Apple Watch, according to the source.

​​Unless the user recognizes themselves as safe, the Apple Watch phones 911 after 60 seconds of sensing a fall.

If the user passes unconsciously as a result of the fall, the Apple Watch will automatically dial 911 to alert first responders that the user has fallen.

Within a radius of possible places, the automatic system sends the emergency services coordinates of where the fall occurred.

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