DAA Daily

Baby born on a transcontinental flight

By Sania Husain

A baby was delivered successfully from a flight to Washington D.C. to Ghana this Sunday at 5:30 am.

“The delivery was uneventful… Other than being at 30,000 feet,” said a United Airlines worker.

The pregnant woman was relieved when she found out that a doctor was attending the same flight. To add to this, one of the flight attendants was a registered nurse, ready to take care of those in need. All the other flight attendants were trained in childbirth as well.

The woman was expected to give birth in February, it was quick a shock to her when she realized what was finally happening.

“Her delivery was quick, like 30 to 45 minutes” and was followed by “screaming and the familiar cry of the baby,” said one of the flight attendants.

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