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Whoopi Goldberg suspended from ABC following Holocaust remarks

By: Ryan Oswald, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

The actress and TV personality star was put on a 2 week suspension from a US talk show after saying the Holocaust involved “two groups of white people” on ABC’s The View.

Goldberg says that the Nazi genocide was not about race. She later apologized for the comments, but caused more trouble when trying to explain what she meant on a late-night show.

ABC News president Kim Goodwin said that Goldberg’s suspension was effective immediately, and despite Goldberg’s apology, Goodwin wants her to take time off to reflect on what she had said.

Goodwin states that everyone in the ABC News organization stands in solidarity with the Jewish community. 

“These decisions are never easy, but necessary,” she added, reported the Hollywood Reporter.

“Just last week I noted that the culture at ABC News is one that is driven, kind, inclusive, respectful, and transparent. Whoopi’s comments do not align with those values.”

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