DAA Daily

Upcoming Winter Storm in US Expected to Stretch Over 2,000 Miles

By: Natalie Shomali, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

The US will experience the second winter storm in less than a week that is said to spread over 2,000 miles, bringing dangerous low temperatures, and intense precipitation.

21 states are currently in preparation for this storm, with more than 90 million people over thousands of miles currently under weather alerts. 

The South is likely to experience the most severe impact, where a large ice storm is expected.

Many places such as Tennessee and Texas are said to have slippery roads covered in ice and an increased number of power outages. 

Places in the Midwest may see intense amounts of precipitation with possibly over one foot of snow.

Preparing for the winter storm, one of the largest districts in North Texas, the Dallas Independent School District, announced that its schools would close on Thursday and Friday.  

“Locations impacted by snow and/or ice are expected to have temperatures remain below freezing, and well below average, for at least a couple days after the wintry precipitation ends,” said the National Weather Service.

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