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“Fringe minority” protesters in Ottawa will not leave until COVID-19 measures lessen

By: Destiny Mouawad, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint 

Ottawa’s “Freedom Convoy” protesters express no urgency to leave the city as hundreds of trucks are still parked along with thousands of individuals expressing hate for Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau along with their anger towards the vaccine mandate. 

COVID-19 measures such as mask and vaccine mandates are not initiated by Trudeau, instead each city’s province yet the angst has been heaviest in Ottawa. 

On February 1st, Trudeau announced that the “…cornerstones of democracy…” involve “…freedom of expression,assembly and association…”  Yet harassment and vandalism will not be tolerated. 

Protesters in Ottawa have not only gathered in Parliament hill yet have expanded into school, small business and shopping mall areas, forcing many of them to close, many residents of the area have complained as the mass of people and trucks have obstructed traffic and continued to produce clamor.

While city council members have noted that their disruptive actions should not be given any attention as many protesters have portrayed hainous acts of vandalism, harassment and waving nazi flags. Conservative Deputy Leader Candice Bergen however has noted Trudeau is “gaslighting” protesters and not recognizing the ones there out of peace and patriotism. Many protesters have expressed that they do not mean to disrupt others, however the fear of not returning to their jobs as a result of not being vaccinated is one of their main concerns that they are standing for. 

Trudeau announced he would not meet with anyone involved in the protests noting that the COVID-19 measures have been put in place for the safety of all Canadians, “…to get back to things we love to do…” remaining “unequivocal” about the matter. 

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