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Queen’s Priest Removed From Ministry Because of Inappropriate Behaviours

By Tina Fares, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

A queens priest was removed from ministry and was “stripped of his clerical collar after a Catholic Church review board substantiated claims of misconduct” according to Daily News. They also state that “Not only was the Rev. John O’Connor forced to step down as pastor of St. Gregory the Great in Bellerose, but he was also completely removed from the ministry upon the recommendation of an independent panel investigating allegations in a lawsuit against O’Connor.”

Also, foresthillspost states that “Father John O’Connor, 54, who was a pastor at St. Gregory the Great in Bellerose has been removed from the priesthood following an investigation into sexual misconduct involving minors, according to the Diocese of Brooklyn, which serves Brooklyn and Queens.” 

On Monday, Bishop Robert Brennan decided to announce what actions will be taken when it comes to Father John O’Connor. 

Amny tells readers, “The Diocese of Brooklyn urges anyone who has been a victim of clergy sexual abuse to report to law enforcement or to the Toll-Free Reporting Line established by the Diocese at 1-888-634-4499. All calls are forwarded to law enforcement.”

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