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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to flee from Ottawa

By: Destiny Mouawad, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau along with his family have recently left their home in Ottawa to an “…undisclosed location…” for “…security purposes…’ and to avoid rising protests and pressures regarding the COVID-19 mandate issues for all “…cross-border truck drivers…”. 

Taking effect on January 15th, with opposition being faced, Trudeau has defended the mandate by highlighting that nearly 90% of all cross border drivers have been vaccinated. 

Considering the outbreak of the thousands men and women who have gathered in “…the streets of central Canada on Saturday…” expressing anti-Trudeau sentiments, conservive and liberal governments have heightened a greater sense of tension and division. 

Many supporters of the conservative party have expressed that the liberal party has not been considerate towards the problems happening on a societal level. The mandate has detached 10% of the cross border workforce, nearly 16,000 drivers, from transporting the needed goods to and from the United States. The restrictions on cross border drivers has hindered the supply chain flow causing a rise in food, fuel and shelter prices. 

Trudeau has continued to no empathy for the thousands of gathered individuals as he claims they are “…anti-science, anti-government and anti-society…” and are a meer “…fringe minority…” that do represent the viewpoints of all Canadian’s.

Despite this many governmental officials have expressed support with the men and women noting that “…Trudeau is attacking personal liberty…because of his overreach on vaccine mandates…” 

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