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Chaos rises in Ottawa over vaccine mandate

By: Ryan Oswald, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Protests have risen in Ottawa following a new Covid-19 mandate requiring truckers crossing the US-Canada border to be fully vaccinated.

Thousands of citizens have joined the movement, and police have had to be involved after sightings of the swastika flags and video footage of a woman dancing on the tomb of a soldier.

Ottawa police tweeted that several investigations were under way into the damaging of important monuments, as well as threats and implications of hurting police officers and other individuals.

Throughout the rest of the city, truckers blocked streets and the parliament building. Mayor Jim Watson says some protestors had gone into a soup kitchen and harassed the workers into giving them free food after they had been turned down in many restaurants for not following the required Covid-19 mandates.

The protests have driven even the Prime Minister out of town along with his family due to potential dangers of the protestors.

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