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Mario Ballotelli called up to help Italy in the world cup

By: Nicolo Danieli, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint.

The Italian football player Mario Ballotelli (31 years old) was called up by Italian coach, Mancini, to the Italian national team to compete in the world cup. Mario hasn’t played in the team for 3 years, the reason being his reckless acts, like not coming to training or not being bothered to pass the ball. Mancini decided to call him up, because he believes Mario developed as a person and is more mature than his past-self.

Mario was a football player with a huge career in front of him, he was talented in the game and lots of teams wanted him. He played in many top notch football teams, English, Italian, etc. But now he moved to Adana Demirspor, which is a football team in the Turkish league. The reason he moved into less relevant football was because of his behavior, but it looks like his attitude is back on track.

Italy might not qualify for the world cup, they will go against North-Macedonia as the first game to qualify, and if they will win the game they will meet Portugal or Turkey. This means that either Italy or Portugal will not be in the world cup. Now we will just have to wait until March to see the game 

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