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US black man wrongly accused by mistake – lawsuit

By: Ryan Oswald, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

A black man, Shane Lee Brown, was arrested in Nevada and was in jail for six days before being released after being mistaken for a white male that was almost twice his age.

Shane Lee Brown was arrested in January 2020 at a traffic light after refusing to show his license. Police found a warrant under his name, when they actually found a warrant under the name Shane Neal Brown, a middle-age white man. 

The young man was not charged with anything and is now suing for damages. 

The lawsuit says that police mistook Mr. Brown for Shane Neal Brown, an older white man, who has since been arrested for a felony in 1994, before the younger Mr. Brown was even born.

When arrested, the younger Mr. Brown went back and forth with officials telling them he was not who they were looking for. 

He was finally released almost a week after his arrest after his lawyer had a judge compare the two photos.

Younger Mr.Brown is now looking for $500,000 in punitive damages.

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