DAA Daily

Upcoming movie releases 

By Noor Baghdadi, Arts and Entertainment, The Pawprint

Mark your calendars because 2022 is packed with new movie releases, with all your favorite movie genres. 

The first film which was released on January 14, 2022,  is the classic horror movie franchise “Scream”. The first scream movie was released in 1996, making this recent release the 5th movie of this sequel. 

The next film many people are definitely looking forward to is the upcoming action film to be released on March 4 is “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson, who is also famously known for his role in Twilight. 

Finally, the long awaited sequel of the 80’s classic “Top Gun” starring Tom Cruise is returning on May 27, 2022. Everybody knows the dedication and crazy stunts Cruise puts into his movies, so get ready to see the actor’s true talent in this action drama film. 

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