DAA Daily

Will we be able to see the asteroid passing by Earth?

By: Nicolo Danieli, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

It’s predicted that on January 18, an asteroid the size of 1km in width will pass the earth  at a distance of 1.2 million miles and at a speed of around 47,334mph.

From the news gathered by NASA Near-Earth Object Survey Center, the asteroid goes by the name of 7482, and was already found back in 1994. The Near-Earth group starts to investigate something when it enters the radius of 48 million km from Earth.

This is one of the largest asteroids ever to pass Earth, but is not like the biggest one to pass earth which was asteroid 3122 Florence which passed earth on September 1, 2017. 3122 Florence has an estimated Radius of 2.54 km which is more than double the size of asteroid 7482. 

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