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Quebec to urge health tax on unvaccinated citizens

By: Larissa Chalouhi, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Quebec has announced that it will impose a new ‘health contribution’ tax on people who are not vaccinated for the covid 19. 

The Quebec prime minister Francois Legault said “Only about 10 percent of the residents in Canada’s second-most populous province are unvaccinated, but they make up half of all people in intensive care”

According to federal data cited by BBC, just over 85 percent of residents had received at least one dose and Francois Legault’s goal is to make it 100%

The timeline has not been released of when this law will be put into place or how much but rumors and talks say that it will be similar to Austria’s tax which requires residents over 14 years of age pay €3,600 (US$4,100) every three months they remain unvaccinated. 

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