DAA Daily

Whale Spotted In Dubai Harbour, Marina.

By: Nicolo Danieli, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint 

Saturday, near the Dubai Harbour, a whale was spotted by some people. The first people to see the whale was Saturday morning, who immediately allerted Marina about the whale. 

Coastguards were called, alongside the UAE dolphin project. The whale stayed for the weekend, but was not spotted again on monday. 

Apparently seeing a whale in the Marina is very rare and unique, and everyone who was able to admire the rare happening was fascinated. It is such a rare thing to see a whale, in dubai, due to hot waters and temperatures, and all the boats going around. 

The Whale was not a rumor, and there is footage of it to confirm it happening, many people posted the whale on their social media, and It couldn’t be a prank since even authorities came to check up on the whale. The whale was checked up not to get hurt, but to prevent anyone from hurting her. 

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