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WHO states Omicron variant should not be described as “mild”

By: Braden Gerow, Opinion Editor, The Pawprint

The WHO warned that Omicron should not be called mild, and that it is killing people internationally. The warning is being put out due to the widespread knowledge that Omicron is less dangerous than the delta variant, which people may have been interpreting as that meaning it is not dangerous whatsoever. 

The WHO has published statistics about the recent and massive spike in coronavirus cases internationally, pointing out that in the past week, they have increased by 71%, as well as that they have increased by 100% in the Americas over the course of the past week. 

While the new variant is less deadly, health care institutions globally are overwhelmed because of the sudden surge in cases caused by the increased contagiousness of the new Omicron variant. It is also important to note that 90% of the severe cases worldwide were documented in those who are not vaccinated. 

Both the UK and the USA have documented record highs in amounts of coronavirus cases in a day since the new year, with the UK having recorded over 200,000, and the US being the first nation ever to record over one million cases in a single day. 

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