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California’s Wildfires Predicted to Destroy Sequoia Forests

Larissa Chalouhi, Staff Reporter, The PawPrint

In 2021 8,619 fires were reported/recorded and about 2,569,009 acres of land lost due to wildfires.

Sequoia Forests only grow in California due to their specific climate requirements. These trees are unique as they are the tallest trees in the world. 

Over the years these trees have been able to adapt to California’s previous wildfires by evolving to grow thicker bark to prevent the fire from damaging the trees. 

However over the years the fires in California have dramatically changed to the point where thicker bark won’t help the Sequoia trees to survive these wildfires.

There are many conservation sequoia funds that anyone can donate to help out. Another thing the community can do to help is reduce carbon emissions as much as possible. 

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