DAA Daily

Nearly 30 private schools in Dubai return to e​​-learning

By: Sarin Istanboulli, Features Editor, Pawprint

On January 2, 2022, around 30 schools have announced that they will switch to distance learning for the first week of the new term due to the Covid-19 cases in the community. 

Gems education, said that the cases had been detected during extensive testing, as many teachers have tested positive, or were in close contact with individuals who have the virus. 

26 of the schools have announced that they will resume e-learning for the first two days, however, individuals have said that it might extend to five days. 

Last week, Dubai education regulator, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, had given all private schools in Dubai the green light to begin in-person classes as the new term begins. They mentioned that they will not require people to show proof of a valid negative PCR test before the return to school. 

As per KHDA guidelines, for all schools the canteens will remain closed for the first  two weeks of school, even upon the return of students after the first week of distance learning. Extracurricular activities, assemblies, and trips will be suspended until further notice. 

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