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Daniel Ricciardo reveals reasons for wanting to finish career at McLaren F1.

By: Paul Seefeld, Sports Editor, The Pawprint

After just one season with McLaren, Riccardo wants to finish his career with the team – which could be four or five seasons. Whilst slightly struggling at the beginning of the year, Daniel still managed to claim a victory at the Italian GP. 

At 32, he is not really considered a young driver, he explains that he is not chasing to be in the fastest car anymore, but to push his limits in a great car in a supportive team. 

McLaren being one of the most successful F1 teams in history has a lot of experience and champions in their books. They seem to have found a great dynamic duo with an experienced driver like Ricciardo and a young 23 year old Lando Norris.

Both these drivers have been giving consistent results with great team spirit and teammate environment. When two drivers of the same team get along, it’s something that matters. 

In a post-season interview, Daniel Ricciardo was asked how the general atmosphere after his first season at McLaren. He replied truthfully and enthusiastically with; “It’s like, not only are you chasing to be fast, you’re also chasing to be in the fastest car. But I don’t find myself chasing here. I’ve obviously moved around a bit in the last three years or four years, whatever it’s been, and I do want to, especially because of the environment I find myself in, which is one that I really enjoy, make it work and I want to be here. Also the outside stuff, I like the brand, I like McLaren, I like their cars. So let’s say, the whole company and family is something that I really like being a part of.”
Ricciardo seems to be nicely settled into the team, and even concluded his interview by saying – “I’m definitely excited, and I do want to be here, potentially till the end, yep.”

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