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Christmas Gifts on a Budget

By Larissa Chalouhi, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Have you ever had stress because you don’t know what to get your sister or mom, in this article you will find the best presents under a perfect Christmas budget. 

Best gifts for your Mom  

  1. Smiley Face Slippers on Amazon for 83 dirhams. The colors available are black, white, and yellow. 
  1. Best mom ever bracelet, this is handmade and it is more of a sentimental present which your mom can wear and remember you wherever she goes. You can find this bracelet on amazon for the price 94 dirhams. 
  1. Five minute Gratitude journal helps practice the mind to stay calm and improve emotional intelligence. This book helps practice gratitude in an enjoyable way daily. This journal can be found on amazon for 40 dirhams.

4. Spa life duo bath salt set, this is a perfect gift for any mother and it gives them the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. This is on amazon for 64 dirhams. 

5. This bronzer stick is cruelty free as well as portable so your mom can carry it with her wherever she needs to go whenever she needs a quick touch up! You can find this in any local sephora store or even online for 95 dirhams. 

Best gifts for your sister

  1. Everyone needs a swiss knife in their life. It has everything that you need in one item. You can find this on amazon for 65 dirhams. 
  1. This wood docking station is perfect for anyone who has clutter around their bedside table, it easily organizes the essentials. You can also engrave their name on the actual wood. This can be found on etsy.com for 98 dirhams.
  1. Every girl loves a colorful relaxing bath bomb after a stressful day. It smells amazing and nourishes the skin, bath bombs are a great gift because they release citric acid which fizzes up and helps loosen damaged layers of skin. You can find these at any mall in Lush or go to the website Lush.com. 

35 AED

75 AED

  1. This passport holder is loved by adventurous sisters who like to stay organized. You can find this item on amazon for 46 dirhams in multiple colors like black,blue,brown and, rose gold. 
  1. This 13 oz travel mug is the perfect gift for anyone who is constantly on the go but has to have her cup of coffee or tea. This travel size mug can be found in amazon in red or white for 58 dirhams. 

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