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5 Magical Christmas Markets to Visit Around the World this Holiday Season

By: Destiny Mouawad, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

The Christmas season is upon us and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than planning a visit to a Christmas market!

As the Christmas cheer continues to peek through, so does the feeling of being outside, wrapped in layers where it’s cold, snow might be falling with hot chocolate in hand and that’s what a Christmas market embraces! 

Though we may be looking forward to Christmas day, where families gather together, engage in fun conversations, eat home cooked food and exchange gifts with loved ones, it’s simply a single day out of the month of December and from mid November through December families and individuals can enjoy these notable Christmas markets set up all around the world! 

The markets will often be set up in the middle of a certain town, potentially surrounded by other storefronts, churches, museums and restaurants, giving those who visit a wave of joy as you feel immersed in a miniature holiday town! 

Below are some of the famous Christmas markets around the world that you and your family can visit to soak up all the holiday festivities. 

First on the list…

  1. Strasbourg Christkindelsmärik, France

Referred to as the Capital of Christmas, this market is known to be one of the oldest markets in France, founded in 1570! It has been noted to attract nearly 2,000,000 visitors a year and with a short few hours in a train from Paris you can come across this market located in Place Brogilie, and see all of what it has to offer. 

You’ll find nearly 300 wooden little huts sellings a plethora of goods such as candy, pastries, home decor, mulled wine and much more!

  1. Brussels Winter Wonders, Belgium 

Located in the heart of Brussels, this Christmas market has been deemed as one of the best markets out there in Europe! It is known as the “Plaisirs d’Hiver” market, translating to “winter pleasures”, this market has something for everyone involved, from shopping around to going on a ferris wheel or a merry go-round ride. 

  1. Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

Tivoli Gardens located in the city of Copenhagen opened on August 15, 1893 and is known for the rides, games, musicals, ballet and concerts offered! This market also offers various shows with light, music, lasers, fire, smoke and water!

  1. Great Dickens Christmas Fair, San Francisco, USA 

Though many Christmas markets are mostly known to be held in Europe, the other side of the globe holds several of its own fairs! 

Located in the San Francisco Bay area, the Great Dickens Christmas Fair is a special one as it takes its visitors “…back into Victorian London…” as though you’ve travelled centuries back. The fair holds many plays in theatres, exhibition halls to visit, pubs, tearooms and handmade goods to purchase from the shops.

Typically this is held over three acres worth of space where visitors are free to walk around, in their best dress, yet with the current conditions of COVID-19, organizers of the fair have transformed the event into a drive through to continue to provide and spread holiday cheer while keeping those attending safe and happy! 

  1. Longueuil Christmas Market, Montreal

Now onto our final market, set up in St. Mark’s Park in the heart of Vieux-Longueuil, a suburb of Montreal is filled with artisanal gifts to be bought, delicious food from local farms and independent producers and several rides for children to enjoy such as wooden trains! As visitors walk around and visit the various stalls live music may be heard as it fills the air with folk dancers and Santa Claus  Around the fair is also filled with live music and folk dancers going around. As temperatures are quite frigid be sure to grab yourself a hot pretzel, some hot chocolate or even some mulled wine to enjoy all the festivities and stay warm! 

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