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A man jumped out of taxiing airplane at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport

By Mia Stevens

On Saturday, a 30-year-old man leaped out of a jet taxiing at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport.

Southwest Airlines announced in a statement that Flight 4236 from Colorado Springs arrived safely in Phoenix.

“Initial reports suggest that a Customer onboard left the aircraft via a rear galley door while the flight was taxing to the gate,” Southwest Airlines spokesperson Dan Landson said. “The flight’s captain came to a complete halt and informed Air Traffic Control (ATC).”

The manner in which the aircraft door was opened is unknown.

CNN reached out to Sky Harbor International Airport for comment but received no response.

Phoenix Fire Department Captain Todd Keller stated in a statement that the event was reported to Phoenix Fire Station 19, which is located at the airport.

The man landed on the tarmac and proceeded to the fire station, where he went inside and locked himself in a dormitory room.

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