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Top 10 Festive Things to Do in Dubai Over The Holidays

By: Mascha Cenia, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Don’t know where to go over the Christmas holidays? Why not try something new, like Dubai! Make winter break 2021 the best and visit the luxury and ultramodern city of the UAE. If there is any season to call the best it is definitely winter. When the weather drops by a couple of degrees to around 15-30ºC and life starts feeling special again it is a great time to come and join. 

Here is a guide to planning trips and what to do when visiting Dubai this year for the Christmas break. 

It is important to remember that booking flights and hotels will be more expensive in the winter season as this is the peak of the tourist season. Avoid planning trips like these last minute and book flights in advance. 

Dubai offers many outdoor activities such as beaches, gardens, desert adventures etc. Which are popular among tourists and others hence why it is such a travel destination during winter time for families or others who would like to enjoy the festive season during the enjoyable temperatures. 

  1. Desert Safari

Driving like crazy through the giant orange sand dunes of Dubai sounds fun right? The desert is a huge part of the UAE’s culture and is suggested to all tourists. This one’s for the people who came to Dubai to experience adventure instead of sitting by the water all day. 

Dune bashing, sandboarding, dune buggy rides, camel rides, and so many more thrilling activities are offered on this desert safari. 

The drive to the desert is around an hour and after dusk, transportation to a magnificent Bedouin campground for an all-you-can-eat barbeque buffet meal with local and foreign cuisines is organized. 

After finishing dinner and beverages, relax and enjoy a belly dancing and Tanoura show.

After a long and exhilarating day of fun, the driver will also drive back to the hotel.

  1. Madinat Jumeirah Festive Market 

Despite the fact that the UAE is an Islamic country, many tourists and residents in Dubai celebrate Christmas, and the holiday season kicks off in early December. The Madinat Jumeirah Festive Market is one of Dubai’s most anticipated events in December. 

Visitors can enjoy live music, traditional food, and drinks during the market’s sixteen-day run each year. Aside from food and drinks, there is a massive snowball zone, gingerbread house, and other play areas if  traveling with kids and want them to be entertained while you shop. 

The Madinat Jumeirah Festive Dubai Market is open from 3 p.m. until late, except on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, when it opens at 12 p.m. 

  1. Global Village 

Dubai’s favorite destination. Visit Global Village and get the chance to not only experience Dubai’s culture when visiting but also the cultural aspects and people from all around the world from over 80 countries. Global Village is an opportunity to get to try new foods and rides with music, lots of shopping and life. 

Open from Saturday to Wednesday from 4pm to midnight and from Thursday to Friday from 4pm until 1am. Stay awake and experience fireworks, shows and many more cool experiences. Entry tickets are at a low price of only 20 AED. 

  1. Miracle Garden 

Who does not like a little fun at one of the largest natural gardens in the world? Lots of colors and with over 50 million flowers and 200 million natural plants, perfect for that great shot for instagram. The garden has already been awarded four Guinness World Records for its extraordinary beauty.

Because this beautifully distinctive show and magnificent outdoor tour in Dubai is only open from November to May each year, so take advantage of the winter season and appreciate it.

Because the park is about 72,000 square meters in size, it may take two or three hours to go around it all, depending on how many selfie stops one makes.

Expect to also see lots of live entertainment, street performers, costume parades, and even catch a Zumba session if all that walking is not burning enough calories. 

  1. Ski Dubai 

Ski Dubai is located along the famous Sheik Zayed road conveniently located in The Mall of the Emirates. In a city where top temperatures in Dubai during winter hits a high of 32 degrees, going skiing is something one would not expect to encounter visiting. 

But Ski Dubai should not be undermined by the high ski slopes and multiple courses for beginners ranging to profesional. It is also placed in a central area in not just Dubai but also annexed to the mall making it not only easy to get to, but also easy to find some after activities. 

A recommended ticket fee advertised by the Ski Dubai cooperation is the “Snow Daycation Pass”, which costs a total of only 275 AED and allows for; Snowpark access, Snowpark rides, Unlimited Zorb ball rides as well as unlimited Chairlift rides plus equipment included within the package. It does not matter what level the ski rider is, only conditions to be met is that the rider has to be above the minimum age of 3 years old allowing for some family activities also included within the deal such as either the snow bullet ride, penguin encounter, ski or snowboard lessons, or the slope session.

  1. Shopping Spree 

This year’s retail rush will take place on December 26th, just in time for the holiday season, with a 12-hour sale across all Majid Al Futtaim Malls in Dubai from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., including discounts on all favorite brands and chances to enter a special prize draw to win one million Share points.

  1. La Mer

The premier beach and shopping location in Dubai, La Mer makes winter feel more like spring break than winter season.

This beach is perfect for spending an entire day sipping tasty beverages and partaking in watersports. This Dubai beach has one of the best waterparks in La Mer, Laguna Waterpark. 

There are breezy coastal cafés and street art urban neighborhoods with art murals and boardwalks to explore all around the beach. 

  1. Christmas Brunch

Christmas is spent with family and friends and what better way to top it all off with a luxurious brunch served by the most exquisite hotels in dubai. Ranging from all sorts of international dishes and cuisines let the cooking be done by 5 star chefs there to help taste christmas. 

Dubai is not short of options when it comes to festive meals in cozy restaurants and luxury hotels;

  • The Hilton Dubai
  • Jumeirah Beach Hotel
  • JW Marriott Marquis
  • Dar Masyaf Hotel 
  • The Address
  • Four Seasons Resort
  • The Ritz-Carlton 
  • The Waldorf Astoria

Make sure to book reservations for all hotels if going to a christmas brunch is an event one might want to partake in. 

  1. Dinner In The Sky 

What better way to enjoy a 3-course festive meal while being suspended 50 meters above the ground? Watch chefs prepares and cooks the meal for all the hungry and fearless travelers right upfront and center. Take in the heartstopping views once again of the city of Dubai such as the skyscrapers and monuments while the table rotates slightly during the dinner. Take memorable pictures and videos and meet new people during this shared adventure with a maximum group size of 22 people. 

Choose one option of main course from the list below and book accordingly; 

  • Main Course: Slow-Cooked Beef Cheeks
  • Main Course: Sous-Vide Chicken Breast
  • Main Course: Seabass
  • Main Course: Vegetarian Tortellini or Vegan Penne Pasta 

The minimum age is 8 and any participant must be taller than 120 centimeters and way no more than 150 kilograms. 

Prices range from 731 AED per person. The whole event lasts 1.5 hours including everything. 

So come and enjoy a meal in the clouds! 

  1. Burj Khalifa At The Top

The Burj is a must-see attraction that any tourist should visit as this is what Dubai is known for. With a measure of 830 meters to the top the Burj Khalifa was proudly pronounced the tallest building in the world. 

Levels 124 and 125 are the main observation decks for simple visits to the top to enjoy the views. 

Once at the top, approximately 450 meters above the ground, surrounded by glass ceilings and floors, a 360º view of the entire city of Dubai is at sight. Visiting hours are best at sunsets which are very popular so booking in advance is advised. 

As this sightseeing event is most popular with tourists and residents of Dubai, prices are especially at a high peak during holidays such as over the christmas break. Prices for the general admission entry to both levels are priced at 142 AED for adults above the age of 12 and 108 AED for children aged from 4-12. 

Make sure to check out this popular attraction when coming to Dubai to not miss the view of the city at an extreme height! 

Dubai, the city of the future, has a lot to offer during the winter season. From outdoor activities to viewing the city from the clouds. Weather at its best temperatures and everyone in a good mood. Make Dubai a travel destination for winter 2021! 

Prices are higher for flights and hotels so make sure to book in advance to make the stay as fun and interesting as possible. Enjoy the holidays wherever you decide to visit!

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