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Verstappen could be champion before the final race

By: Paul Seefeld, Sports Editor, The Pawprint

With Hamilton getting the last two wins and the point difference now reduced to 8 points, the momentum seems to be going for Lewis. However, Max Verstappen is still in the lead, and with only two races to go there’s a chance he could be champion after the race in Saudi Arabia. 

After the Saudi Grand Prix there is a maximum of 26 points to be awarded to the winner with the fastest lap (25 pts for P1 and 1 pts for fastest lap). Which means that if Max manages to create a 26 pts or more lead by next race, taking into account that he already has an 8 pts lead, could make him champion. Incase of a tie, the amount of victories is taken into account of the two contenders, and that is now in favor of Verstappen (9 to7).

Here are the different scenarios in which Verstappen could be champion depending on the Saudi GP’s results: 

Many of the fans around the world are calling this one of the most intense and exciting seasons ever. The Brit and the Dutchman will have to give it there all in these last two races, since there is so much at stake. If Max wins, this would be his first ever championship. Although, if Hamilton wins, he would have accumulated a total of 8 world championships, which would make him the most decorated driver of all time, passing Michael Schumacher who he is currently tied with at 7 world titles.

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