DAA Daily

What to Expect this Thanksgiving at DAA

By: Ramzy Hariz, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint 

Thanksgiving is this Thursday and luckily for us, it is a day off from school. Thanksgiving is a big celebration in this school as it is a big day for Americans and this is an American school. While Thanksgiving is on Thursday DAA still wants to throw a small celebration for the students in high school on Tuesday. Unfortunately, as COVID is still a problem we still cannot throw the annual thanksgiving lunch that is hosted by the school in the gym. This used to be a big day and students and teachers would come to school in formal clothes. 

To make the best of the situation that we are in, DAA has planned small lunch gatherings for each homeroom. All of high school will meet in their CREW at 11:10 am. At 11:10 the eleventh and twelfth grades will collect their food. Then at 11:50, the ninth and tenth graders will also collect their food.

The schedule for Tuesday will also be a bit different to make room for the lunch. It will go as normal until period three. After period three there will be a long break from classes. All high school students will get a 90 minute break. In this time they will be spending time playing games and completing activities along with enjoying their food. 

There will be a lot of specific activities and games to play which include the following: Paper airplane race where students will get five minutes to create a paper airplane and at the end of this time they will get to throw them and see whose plane will go the furthest. Another game/competition will be a contest to see who is the best dressed. The class will get their photos taken and they will decide on two people to nominate as the best dressed, so make sure to dress up as best as you can! After this, there will be a big live quiz by grade level. The homeroom teacher will be provided with a code to enter the quiz and the class will work together to answer each question. The winning homeroom will be awarded a prize of some sort. One other activity that we will do is making “thank you” cards to the staff. There will be way more activities and games that the homerooms have set up which you will see on Tuesday. 

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