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Protest in Brussels over New Covid Restrictions

By: Larissa Chalouhi, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint 

Tens of thousands of people have participated in the protest in Brussels, the public was furious with the new covid restrictions like: a ban on gatherings with no more than 3 people from different households during a five hour period.

 Another restriction that the citizens of Brussels were enraged by was how in the city the curfew is from 5 am to 10 pm but in the country and not in the city the curfew is from 5 am to 12 am. 

In Brussels, around 35,000 people took part in what was meant to be a peaceful protest but which turned out to be violent. Shops were broken into and the angry mob started a fire which led to the police arresting more than 40 people. 

Protests also took place in Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Croatia as similar covid restrictions took place. 

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