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Hamilton narrows down the lead with Verstappen

By: Paul Seefeld, Sports Editor, The Pawprint

Qatar’s race on Sunday was more intense than ever, with Hamilton getting closer and closer to Verstappen, these last couple races could define the whole championship. Max Verstappen received a penalty in qualifying on Saturday and thus had to start from P7. He managed to climb up back to P2, but Lewis was already far ahead in P1. 

The current standings are now Max Verstappen leading the championship with 351.5 points, and Hamilton right behind with 243.5 points. This duel is getting more intense, and many F1 fans are calling this 2021 championship, one of the best seasons in history.

“We needed those points today. I can’t wait to watch the race replay to find out what happened behind me. I’m really grateful for these points, it’s been a hell of a year. Back to back wins here, feel good, I feel fit, fitter than I’ve ever felt. Bring on the next two!” – Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes.

Apart from the great rivalry between the Dutch and the Brit, another extraordinary event occurred during Sunday’s race. Fernando Alonso. One of the all time greats had a fantastic race and managed to place behind Verstappen. Making it his first podium in a very long time.

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