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Haiti kidnappers released two missionaries among 17 abducted

By: Ryan Oswald, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Two people among a group of 17 individuals from Canada and the US that were kidnapped by a Haitian gang have since been released.

Christian Aid Ministries have told the public that they are safe, in good spirits, and being taken care of. They could not confirm nor announce the names of those released because of uncertainty. 

The abduction of the ministries and their family members, including children, were deemed missing and abducted on October 16.

They were being shuttled back after visiting an orphanage when the bus was taken over by the gang, in which the leader demanded a ransom of $1m for each of the 17 people being held captive.

In April, the gang kidnapped a group of Catholic clergy who were later released. However it’s unknown if a ransom was paid.

Haiti has the highest rates of kidnapping in the world, with nearly 800 kidnappings reported before the end of October, as powerful gangs exploit the people into paying ransoms to make money.

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