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Fashion industry says they stand against racism, but buyers aren’t buying it

By: Sarin Istanboulli, Features editor, Pawprint

Since May 26, 2020, most articles that have been published are due to the killing of George Floyd, and the international protests that have ignited. Thousands of people have went to the streets around the world to protest against police brutality. 

On social media, a lot of the fashion companies were quite quick to align themselves with the protesters, for example, posting black squares onto their Instagrams on #BlackoutTuesday, as well as, captions denouncing racism, violence and discrimination. However, not everyone bought it. 

“Plain and simple, I don’t think there is the intention behind it to make long-lasting, sustainable change,” Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Lindsay Peoples Wagner said in an email to CNN. “Everyone can hop onto the BLM movement right now on social media, but what are you doing in your home, in your corporate office, with your connections, with the power you have?” 

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