DAA Daily

Student Jailed For the Confessing Murder of a 94-Year-Old During a Truth or Dare Game

By Sania Husain

Tiernan Darnton, a 21-year-old British man was imprisoned this Friday after admitting to killing a woman in 2018 during a game of truth or dare with his friends.

The man admitted to being the cause of death to a woman named Mary Gregor, who was 94-years old during the incident. In 2018, Gregory’s cause of death was established as pneumonia/smoke inhalation as her house was lit on fire during the night of the accident.

After a year, the case was reopened when Darnton admitted to killing the old woman.

When investigators searched Darnton’s house, they found a hand-drawn map of Gregory’s home. The drawing contained labels such as “good hiding place” and “quick exit”.

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