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Technology that can help solve climate change

By: Renato Caceres, Sports Editor, The Pawprint 

No country escapes global warming. Its effects are increasing at an extreme pace, the number of hurricanes, aggressive thaws, droughts, and violent fires out of season are some of the consequences of the horrible treatment humans have towards the earth. Experts ensure that there is not a solid solution to stopping climate change but there is some technology that can help us combat climate change.

Here are four innovations that energy experts promise will help combat climate change and will lead us in a direction to have a better future.

Solar panels and wind turbines

Although it comes as a surprise, the technology that could combat climate change has been around for decades. Solar panels and wind turbines, which convert the sun and wind into electricity without releasing greenhouse gases are some of the most successful technologies we can use to combat this global issue. What is incredible is that as technologies have advanced, and have transformed energy more efficiently, they have fallen in price and as of right now they are cheaper than fossil fuels.

Batteries for electric vehicles

 The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded three scientists a Nobel Prize in October for their work on the development of lithium-ion batteries. Experts say this invention has revolutionized our lives since it entered the market in the year of 1991. 

lithium batteries can also be charged faster and more frequently. As time passes the price of lithium batteries keeps falling down and this helps the mission of decarbonization of the transport sector by making electric vehicles cheaper.


Another way to store renewable energy is to use electroayzers to extract hydrogen from water. Power-to-X is a way to store energy in different ways. Engineers run an electrical current through the water and collect the hydrogen molecules that were released. These can be burned for heat, stored in fuel cells, or turned into chemicals like methane for processes that require fossil fuels. Hydrogen could also help decarbonize a highly polluting sector that has been largely overlooked and that is the heavy industry

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