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White Mom Says Southwest Airlines Suspected Her of Trafficking Black Daughter, Calling Cops

By Sophia Banos-Lindner, Staff reporter, The Pawprint

A white mom named Mary MacCarthy, 42 says Southwest Airlines employees called police on her and her 10 year old black daughter Moira because they suspected her of human trafficking on October 22 from Los Angeles to Denver. 

When MacCarthy and her daughter departed in Denver, they were met by two armed police officers and a Southwest employee, according to NBC News. The police said that they are talking to them because they were reported for suspicious behavior. MacCarthy only trate seats with other passengers because she wanted to sit next to her daughter because of the last-second travel arrangements. After about three minutes, the cops let MacCarthy and Moira go, but not before they’d left the 10-year-old traumatized and in tears. 

MacCarthy says she wants an apology from Southwest and will also sue the airline, according to NBC News. Southwest said it would apologize to MacCarthy for her experience.

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