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Astroworld: Criminal Investigation into Texas Festival Crowd Surge

By Lauren Chalouhi, Staff reporter, The Pawprint

Houston, Texas police have opened a criminal investigation onto all the deaths at the Astroworld festival that happened on Friday. 

Around eight people died and many injured after a crowd surge on the opening night of the event in Houston, Texas. The victims ages were between 14 and 27.

The police are also investigating claims that a security guard was injected in the neck while trying to restrain one of the people in the concert. 

People started to panic after the crowd started to rush to the front of the stage when Travis Scott walked out. 

As the crowd began to go crazy, it caused many injuries, and panic continued to grow. Officials said the casualties quickly overwhelmed the on-site first raiders. Around 300 people were treated for injuries like cuts and bruises. 

Troy Finner, Chief of Houston Police, told a news conference the investigation would involve narcotics divisions and the homicide.

50,000 people were going to attend the two-day outdoor event, which is now cancelled. A reunification center has been set up and the Wyndham Houston Hotel for families who have not heard from their loved ones at the festival.

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