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Verstappen urges Redbull to nail the next three races

By: Paul Seefeld, Sports Editor, The Pawprint

With the championship coming to an end soon, Max Verstappen, Redbull’s first driver, has called on his team to really nail these three upcoming races. The upcoming one being Mexico, where Verstappen has won in the last two years, hopes to make it a third time this year. Max seems pretty confident since Redbull always seem to be frontrunners in this high altitude circuit. 

With the title fight reaching its final stages, this race is huge for Max Verstappen, but also very important for Sergio Perez, Redbull’s number two driver. Coming from Mexico, this would be his first home Grand-Prix in a title-winning car. However, many fans believe that if a situation were to occur where Perez was in first place and Verstappen right behind, Perez would have to give up the spot to get Verstappen as many points as possible. 

“It’s incredibly important for myself and the team to try and nail the next three races now that we are fighting for the championship. There will be a lot of travelling time and time differences but I’m looking forward to being back on track in Mexico and Brazil and I’m looking forward to the challenge of racing on the new track in Qatar.”- said Verstappen.

On the other side, for Mercedes, they hope to catch up the points for Lewis Hamilton and rack up some points for the constructor standings which they are currently leading. The showdown will take place on Sunday Nov 7th at the Mexican track; “Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez”.

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