DAA Daily

Every Mind Matters Here at Dubai American Academy

By Tina Fares, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Everyone goes through a stage in life where they struggle with their psychological, emotional or social wellbeing. Whether it’s an adult or teenager, teacher or student, school usually takes a huge role in one’s mental health. However, Dubai American Academy helps recognise this by offering many solutions and guidance to help decrease stress and improve the student and staff’s mental health. 

A student’s mental health not only helps one be happier, it can also affect one’s academic performance. Students who struggle with mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety, generally find it harder to learn, focus and feel motivated. This is where Dubai American Academy comes in. A student at Dubai American Academy is surrounded by a community filled with people of different positions who are all willing to help. Ranging from teachers, to counsellors, to even your fellow classmates, a variety of solutions and support systems are available when needed. While helping students make the most of their education is seen as Dubai American Academy’s top priority, the happiness of the students is put first. 

COVID-19 has affected everyone’s day to day life. From remote learning, to not being able to see friends and family, to being quarantined, to wearing masks out. Some have been sick, other’s know someone who got sick. Many have also lost family members and friends due to COVID. However, we have finally reached a point at which schools are open and everything is back to normal.Dubai American Academy recognises the change and the impact students have coming back to school and wants to do everything in their power to help. This is where the counsellors come in. Every grade is appointed a certain counselor where not only do they go to for academic guidance, but also to help, to express their concerns, to ask for advice or even just to talk. The counsellor is seen as someone you can go to outside your family and friends. 

Not only this but Dubai American Academy recently introduced Dear Diego when they sent out emails stating “Are you feeling like no one understands what you’re going through right now? Are you in need of advice and don’t know where to turn? Have you ever thought “I wonder what other students have done to handle this?”  Then Dear Diego is here to help!”.  According to Ms.Tara Oswald, the High School Dean of Students, “Dear Diego is a place to go for advice from professionals and peers who have “been there.” When you fill out the Dear Diego form, your questions will be seen and addressed by a group of teachers and counselors and your own peers to help guide you through whatever challenges you are facing.  The BEST part though, is that your advice will be shared with everyone, so even people who are too nervous to ask will get the benefit of great thinking.” However, she asks students not to worry because their name will never be shared with the public. It will only be known by the teachers and adults for safety measures.

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