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Global Village Reopens with a New Look, New Attractions, and a Fire-Breathing Dragon

By: Zina Abdulrahman, Arts and Entertainment editor, The Pawprint

Families poured in on opening day of Globals Village 26th season. On October 26th at 4:30pm , the staff started a countdown and a burst of confetti signalled Global Villages grand opening. 

This year, stepping into the family destination felt different, not only because of the crowds but 2,500 square metres of new streets were added; along with a lot of new seating areas. 

Everyone knows Global Village is a massive attraction with a lot of walking, it came to a relife to visitors when more places to sit were revealed. 

Another reason Global Village feels so different this year is because of the remodeling of one of its attractions. Last year, it introduced the fire fountain show. This year, the fountains have been elevated by a 20 meter long dragon that sits in the lake and is now named “Dragon lake”. 

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