DAA Daily

74-Year-Old Tamil Nadu, India Man Dies After Being Locked Alive In Corpse Freezer For 24 Hours

By Aarja Mody

On Friday, a 74-year-old man died after being pulled from a freezer in Tamil Nadu after spending more than 24 hours alive inside the box. After a private hospital in the Salem district declared him dead, the guy was thrown in a freezer designated for corpses while still alive.

Critically ill Balasubramaniakumar had just been released from the hospital, and his family was waiting for him to pass away. Saravanan, Balasubramaniakumar’s younger brother, had rented the freezer box on Monday. On Tuesday, the agency that delivered the freezer box was supposed to pick it up.

However, an officer from the agency was taken aback on Tuesday when he discovered Balasubramaniakumar alive and semi-conscious in the box with the lid closed, and his wrists and legs tied.

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