DAA Daily

DAA’s Grade 9 Students Visiting Expo 2020

Tina Fares, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

On Tuesday 26th October, 2021, Dubai American Academy’s Grade 9 students, will be visiting the world of opportunity tour at Expo 2020. 

Students are told to come in their PE kits and bring lunch, water and something to protect them from the sun and from the hot Dubai weather. 

An email sent to all grade 9 students states “We will return back to campus before the end of the day and students will dismiss at the normal Tuesday time”. 

All Dubai schools are given the opportunity for their students to visit the Expo, free of cost. The national news explains how the expo is meant to “enrich their knowledge of science, culture, traditions and geography”. Not only will this be a learning experience, it will also be eye-opening and a quick look into the world and it’s future. 

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