DAA Daily

Woman Fined 2,000 AED for Exposing Messages with Husband on Instagram

Yasma Baalbaki, Opinion Section Editor, The Pawprint

According to Khaleej Times, A 40 year old woman in Dubai was accused of violating her husband’s privacy by posting private messages, photos and leaking her husband’s phone number on IInstagram. Her fine was equivalent to 2,000 aed. 

“The husband lodged a complaint at Bur Dubai police station and filed a lawsuit against her at Public Prosecution, which referred the case to the Misdemeanor Court” (Khaleej Times). However, the woman denied the accusation. 

After thorough examination of the case, the woman admitted she is guilty and that she did indeed post private images and conversations on instagram. Therefore, “the misdemeanour court imposed a fine of Dh2,000 against the wife, while the prosecution appealed the ruling before the Court of Appeal, calling for a stiffer penalty” (Khaleej Times).

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