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New Opportunity Available For All High-School Students In The UAE

Tina Fares, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

A group of high school students has created a conference for high school students all over the UAE. This is called the UAE Changemakers Conference where the students can explore their interest in sustainable change and spread awareness.

On November 20th, they are hosting a virtual conference from 2-4 pm. 

The changemakers website states that this conference is held for students interested in learning more about and acting on creating change in the UAE. On their Connect with Nature website they state that “the movement is not only youth-inspired, but youth-led.” They also explain how “this gives the opportunity that helps develop your leadership skills, gain the respect of your peers, and improve your knowledge and skills.” 

The website also explains that all you have to do is just download the Connect With Nature app to start completing fun missions with friends, all while earning badges to unlock special benefits and qualify for our leadership programme!

For more information check out https://connectwithnature.ae/get-involved

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