DAA Daily

Australian Pair Survives Days Without Water 

Mascha Cenia, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Pair, Mahesh Patrick, 14, and Shaun Emitja, 21, went missing in remote central Australia for several days without water after they got lost in the Northern Territory outback. 

Police found them both separately dehydrated and exhausted. It has been stated that they don’t suffer from any other complications. 

It all started when the couple went on a road trip and their car got bogged last Monday while on a four-hour drive. They were unable to pull off the car so they decided to stay in the car overnight and then try to find water in the daylight. 

They walked 5km before realizing they were not walking the way they wanted to towards the Sandover Highway. 

Police do not know why they split up but they said that Patrick walked around 35km and eventually found a fence where he was found Friday. 

Emitja was found on Saturday night.

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