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Top 3 Monopoly Games in 2021

By: Zina Abdulrahman, Arts and Entertainment Editor, The Pawprint

The history of Monopoly can be traced back to 1903. American anti-monopolist Lizzie Magie created the “Landlord’s Game,” in hopes of explaining the single tax theory of Henry George. 

The game was designed to be an educational tool to illustrate the negative aspects of concentrating land in private monopolies. 

The Landlord’s Game developed through the hands of Magie, and then was discovered by the Darrows, who started selling a very similar game, Monopoly. It was eventually purchased by the Parker Brothers, who began selling and distributing the game in 1935. 

Since then, Monopoly has quickly become a household name and a favorite board game of families all over the world. Nowadays, there are a ton of different editions of Monopoly, which inspired us to create this list of the best ones.

  1. “The OG”, Monopoly Classic game
  2. “Oh, you fancy!”, luxury Monopoly
  3. “For the kids”, Monopoly Junior

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