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Man U beaten By Leicster City

By: Nicolo Danieli, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Yesterday 5 games were played in the Premier League which led to some huge wins and bad losses. Liverpool were able to get the win against Watford, by destroying them by 5-0. 

Southampton was barely able to get the 3 points by winning 1-0 against Leeds United. Norwich tied unluckily against Brighton, which might cause them to move down in leagues. The Wolves were fortunate enough to be able to beat Aston Villa by one 3-2, this was a good win for the Wolves and might be able to save them from relegation.

Leicester somehow won 4-2 against the fabulous Manchester United which might raise the expectation of how good Leicester is. In addition Chelsea was able to win against Brantford and likewise Man City won against Burnley. The next Premier League games are today, so grab your snacks and come along to watch the greatest league of football. 

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