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North Korea on the Edge of Starvation and Famine

By Zafir Kamdar, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

International sanctions and a Covid blockade, according to the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights in the country, have exacerbated food shortages. 

As a result, North Koreans are always fighting to “live a life of dignity,” according to Tomas Ojea Quintana.

To avoid a crisis, he called for the sanctions against North Korea’s nuclear program to be eased.

Food prices have reportedly risen, according to NK News, which reported in June that a kilogram of bananas costs $45 (£32).

President Joe Biden has stated repeatedly that the US is eager to talk to North Korea, but that Pyongyang must first give up its nuclear weapons before sanctions can be removed. So far, North Korea has refused. 

The future of North Korea is in a rocky state and the future’s looking grim for this nation

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