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UEFA Cares More About Money Than Players !!

By: Nicolo Danieli, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Thibaut Courtois expressed his feeling last night towards all the amount of games being put in by UEFA. He claims that due to having finished the Euro a short time ago, now UEFA is giving them the UEFA cup, World Cup Qualifiers, Champion League, League they are in, and World Cup soon. This is overwhelming the players with too many games, and short breaks between them. This gives no time for the players to live their life and stay with their families. 

Not only do the players get no free time, but due to the amount of games, they are getting many injuries, making some talented players not able to play in the game. They need more rest time. This causes loss of money and losses in general for teams with the injured players. The only reason UEFA wants a lot of games is to make the money they lost during Covid. 

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