DAA Daily

The Gypsy King Tyson Fury Retains His Titles 

By: Renato Caceres, Sports Editor, The Pawprint 

Tyson Fury wins the trilogy against Deontay Wilder in what boxing fans are calling one of the best heavyweight boxing fights of the last decade. From the start of the fight, it was clear that both fighters were looking for the knockout and they weren’t going to go down easily. It was a high-paced fight that early in round 3 Tyson Fury managed to get a knockdown but Deontay Wilder didn’t take long to get up and continue fighting. Coming into round 4 Deontay wilder composed himself and managed to knockdown fury not only once but twice in the fourth round, from then on Fury composed himself and did not want to get knockdown again and he kept pushing forward with jabs and right hooks that constantly were hitting Deontay´s face. Deontay wilder showed the whole t-mobile arena that he wasn’t going down easily and managed to stay up even after Fury´s best punches it was until the tenth round that Fury manage to knockdown Deontay again but even after the knockdown Deontay composed himself and managed to put the Gypsy King in trouble at the end of the tenth round. Finally entering the eleventh round that was when Tyson Fury connected a strong right hook that sent Deontay Wilder to the canvas and concluded the fight with a knockout win in favor of the Gypsy king Tyson Fury. In the post-fight interviews, Deontay denied talking and just went straight back to the dressing rooms. On the other hand Tyson showed his joy to all his fans and stated that Deontay Wilder is a sore loser. Tyson Fury after the fight tried going to Deontaye Corner to congratulate him and show sportsmanship but got completely ignored by a mad Deontay Wilder. This trilogy of fights will go down in history and will make Tyson Fury’s legacy even better and bigger.  

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