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Warriors’ Victory Against The Lakers

By Tina Fares

On Friday, October 8th, The Golden State Warriors beat the Los Angeles Lakers in the preseason game at Chase Center Arena. 

The Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Golden State Warriors with 0-3, not winning any game. Although the Lakers had a furious comeback in the final quarter, it was not enough to win them the game. 

According to SB Nation, the rumors about how in the first half the Warriors “locked down Anthony Davis,” were true. They state that Draymond Green and Juan Toscano-Anderson weren’t giving Davis anything easy, and Davis couldn’t make them pay by making the tough shots he usually makes.

SB nations also explained that not only was Davis targeted, but LeBron James also had issues getting his usual hoops in. It is not confirmed whether or not it was indicative of where he’s at physically or the Warriors’ defensive scheme doesn’t matter because they had success in guarding him. Then, the fourth quarter happened.

Even though he didn’t have the best game, he made the shot that mattered in the last few seconds which boosted the score. 

The Los Angeles Lakers are seeing this as a building point and are telling fans to not get their hopes down. If anything, they now have insight into the warrior’s approach and gameplay for the upcoming season. The close score and come back at the last season is just a starting point. Fans are excited for the upcoming Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors game of the season on Wednesday 20th October.

Overall, the Warriors beat the Lakers with 121-114. In the upcoming season, the Warriors are expected to thrive since they have high-ranking players ready to play. 

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