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Olivier Rousteing: Balmain Designer Reveals Fireplace Explosion Injuries

By Lauren Chalouhi, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Famous French fashion designer Oliver Rousteing has said that he was injured in an accident at his house last year, then shared a photo of himself covered in many bandages. 

Exactly one year ago, his fireplace exploded inside his house. He woke up the next day at ‘Paris’s Hôpital Saint Louis’ and since then he has been recovering from his wounds.

Oliver Rousteing said that his insecurities and his obsession with perfection stopped him from revealing his injury and photos all before now. “To be honest I am not really sure why I was so ashamed,” he said. While recovering from his intense injuries, he hid his wounds by wearing long sleeves and lots of jewelry during interviews. 

Now a year later he has healed and is happy and healthy. He thanked the medical staff who treated him even though they were also dealing with many covid cases at the same time. He is very grateful and says he felt very lucky to have the help he did. “There is always the sun after the storm.”

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