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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Return to The Premier League

 By Sean Idriss, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

CR7, the abbreviation known to many as the nickname for Cristiano Ronaldo, is returning to Manchester. The Portuguese National has acquired numerous accolades over his career whether he was in Lisbon, Madrid or Turin. Now he sets his eyes on returning to the club that helped him start his career. 

Ronaldo has a very impressive resume for one man, often trumping entire clubs with his trophy locker. 5 Ballon D’ors, 5 Champions leagues, 2 Premier Leagues, and 19 top scoring titles. With 340 million followers on Instagram, it is said that he earns more from his social media promotions than his actual club.

Roughly two weeks ago, Manchester United announced on their social media that Ronaldo would be coming “home”. This statement holds a lot of significance to many fans of the ‘beautiful game’ because watching a young Ronaldo perform at Old Trafford was a spectacle to witness. Now, Ronaldo returns as a more seasoned player of the most-watched and competitive football league in the world. 

Manchester United had agreed with Ronaldo’s former club Juventus on a 15 million euro transfer with Ronaldo signing a contract with the club till 2023. 

The striker made his presence known in his very first game scoring a brace against Newcastle United. Although a loss against YoungBoys in the Champions League setback Manchester United, the Red Devils struck back in a 2-1 win against West-ham United where Ronaldo had scored Manchester’s first goal which was followed by a last-minute goal by Jesse Lingard, a longtime idolizer of Ronaldo. 

Ronaldo’s homecoming was surprising and the entire football community wants to see how he performs long-term playing for his home club.

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